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Stress Dan Kaitannya Dengan Mengidam Makanan Manis

Artikel ini saya ambil daripada blog pengedar Shaklee USA, tentang stress dan kaitannya dengan mengidam makanan manis. Sangat menarik ceritanya. Baru saya tersedar tentang kepentingan vitamin B dalam menghadapi kehidupan yang penuh mencabar kini.

Does stress cause you to crave sweets and become emotional?

We all react differently under stress.  Some of us overeat, some crave sweets, and some end up emotionally unstable.  Believe it or not....all these things are connected!  And they're actually just a vicious cycle for which stress is the root cause!  Here's how it happens : something causes you stress, this then automatically depletes your B vitamins (amongst other vitamins, too, I'm sure), and then you experience a number of symptoms of a B vitamin deficiency which include craving sweets, and becoming emotionally unstable and/or impatient.  So then what do many of us do?  

We reach for something sweet, whether it be a candy bar, soda, ice cream, cake, or whatever, for immediate gratification. But what happens then is the sugar in these foods cause you to deplete the B vitamins in your body even you again reach for sweets.  At the same time, most people will experience impatience, and uncontrollable emotions, everything from anger to tears and even bouts of depression.  It's truly a vicious cycle that, in my opinion, is the number one problem with so many people today, and one that I believe can eventually lead to depression and more serious health issues.

What I have found over the years is that IF a person takes a couple of Shaklee's B-Complex as fast as possible at a moment of stress, and just waits 15-20 minutes, they will not only feel emotionally stable again, but they will also lose their craving for sweets, which in turn helps break that cycle I described above. 

I remember years ago, when my children were still quite young, perhaps 8 and 12, there were a couple times that I came home from work, more stressed than usual from my day and it was very obvious because I either walked in the house grumpy, or unable to speak correctly, due to my stuttering showing it's ugly head or I would reach for something sweet (which I rarely ever do).  What put me in that condition? 

Well, I had been so busy that day at work that I forgot to take my noon vitamins (which always included 1-2 B-Complex).  The interesting thing is, on those few occasions, my kids knew, even at that young age what I needed, and my daughter (the older of the two), would quickly pull down my vitamin chest and hand me 2 B-Complex to help me out, so that I would be speaking normal again by dinner, or be a pleasure to be around, and/or not need that cookie after all.  The first time they did this....I just beamed with pride, as you can imagine!

Our B-Complex is amazing.....and formulated much differently than anything else on the market. Not only is it balanced properly (which is a HUGE problem for most B Vitamins and Multi-vitamins on the market) but it also holds a patent for it's unique delivery of it's Folic Acid, allowing it the best possible delivery and absorption in the body.  

Besides the incredible health benefits it offers, it can be taken with a meal, which will turn your food into energy...which is fantastic!  And it can also be taken on an empty stomach, at a moment of stress or emotional upset (usually if severe, 2 B-Complex is best) and you will literally be balanced out again, emotionally, in 15-20 minutes.  

I remember years ago when I worked at the Peterson Aero Club, one of our aircraft mechanics came into my office one morning and literally fell apart.  His girlfriend of many years had just unexpectedly broken up with him and he was absolutely devastated! Luckily we were the only two there, as it was still very early, so I let him "vent".  When he was done, he was still feeling quite emotional and we both knew he had to get to work, and by work I mean.... work on our aircraft engines!  

I knew he was in no mental shape to do that safely, so before he left my office, I gave him the two B-Complex I had brought in for myself, and told him these should help him feel better.   He walked back into my office about 20 min later and said "Wow....WHAT did you give me, because I feel great!"  

He had the mindset of "the hell with her", and was ready to get on with his life. Now I'm sure he still had many emotions that spilled out over the next few weeks, as you would expect from a serious break-up, but I was so happy to know that I helped him become emotionally stable enough to safely work on our airplanes that day, and for the next few weeks, because he ordered a bottle of the B-Complex from me that day! ;-) 

I also gave a friend some B-Complex and our  calcium years ago to help her through a time of stress due to her father being diagnosed with advance-stage cancer.  She went from not being able to sleep at all to finally being able to sleep, and realized a week later that she completely opted out of eating some chocolates that were on her desk (whereas normally they would have been gone in a matter of days....with or without stress).  

She didn't even realize that the calcium and B-Complex offered this particular side-benefit, (reducing your cravings for sweets in particular chocolate), until she happened to hear me explain it to someone one day, and chimed in, "Oh....well that explains why I've had no desire to eat this box of chocolates that have been on my desk for the past week!"  It was pretty funny! But keep in mind, with the levels of stress she had going on, she had chosen to take 2 B-Complex about 3 times a day, so it was enough to help keep her emotionally stable AND not crave the sweets.  

There were even times when when my son was 11 or 12 and would get in trouble for something, causing tears and leading to a long discussion with his dad.  But when it was all said and done and the two were once again at peace with each other, I would hand my son 2 B-Complex, and he actually understood why he should take them. 

You see, after such an emotional upset, he had just depleted most of the B's in his body, and if not replenished, he would most likely continue to be emotional at the drop of a dime or remain sad for the rest of the evening. So by putting the B's back in his body, it would stabilize him and let him enjoy the rest of his evening and sleep better that night.   

So, if you feel like your days are full of stress and it's causing you to be emotional, angry, crave sweets, overeat, etc., you might want to consider trying our B-Complex.  Depending on how much stress you normally experience in a day, will determine whether you need 1-3 a day or 4-6 a day.  That's something you can play around with and figure out on your own.  Some people need the higher amounts during the work week, and can drop the dose down on relaxing weekends!  

I always explain to doesn't get rid of your stress, it just helps you deal with it better! Our B-Complex is known as the "Happy Vitamin" and for good reason!  I, personally, think its the answer for people who are showing mild to moderate signs of depression.  And although we have a supplement specifically for this, called Moodlift, I always recommend people try the B-Complex first for awhile, because it alone has been known to make an incredible difference in a person's mood and outlook on life!  


Jika anda juga pernah mengalami keadaan yang sama seperti cerita di atas, ia menunjukkan bahawa tubuh anda kekurangan vitamin B Kompleks. Perkara yang mungkin dilihat remeh tetapi ia mempengaruhi kehidupan kita. 
Jadi tunggu apa lagi? Dapatkan vitamin B Kompleks anda hari ini juga!

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