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Kenapa Saya Bekerja Dari Rumah

Membaca perkongsian di sini tentang 'Kenapa Saya Menjadi Muslimah Yang Bekerja Dari Rumah' cukup menyentuh hati saya.

I love this sharing so much. Jadi saya kongsikan di sini untuk rujukan pada masa akan datang. Dan mungkin juga berguna untuk pembaca semua.

Why I Started Muslimahs Working at Home

January 24, 2014 by 

I was recently asked about what inspired me to start Muslimahs Working at Home and why I consider working at home important. I guess to understand my motivation, you have to know a bit about my story.
I am a married mother of four (my daughter has a chronic health condition) and I’ve been making a living solely working from home since about 2006. I am also the legal guardian and care taker for my mentally ill, diabetic mother.
Three years ago, after my father passed away from cancer, I immediately relocated my family to my home state to be there for my mother. According to Pew Research, my husband and I are officially part of the ‘sandwich generation’ – that is the 15% of American’s financially responsible for supporting young children and an aging/disabled parent.” Alhamdillilah.
In the beginning, a lot of our friends and family had no earthly idea what I did all day. Most assumed that since I was at home during the day, they could just call or drop by unannounced; or ask me to run errands, babysit, etc. – you get the idea. 
They didn’t understand that even though I was  home, I was working. Hard. I had to set clear boundaries for everyone. Over time I started earning more working at home than I did working my corporate job.
Working from home is not ideal for everyone, but it’s been a true blessing for me. It has allowed me to earn a halal income while being present for my children at all times – especially when my daughter’s health crises required hospitalization and/or frequent absences from school.
I didn’t have to deal with  annoying company bureaucracy for approval to do what I needed to as a mother. Allah truly knows best.
There have been times when my income is all my family had to rely on: 1) once when my husband’s business partnership failed right before the Great Recession; 2) and when we relocated to care for my mother. 
Thankfully my business is a completely virtual operation so we were able to make ends meet while I handled legal and medical issues with my mother and my husband made moves to secure work.
Muslimahs Working at Home is my attempt to “pay it forward,” insha’Allah. When I was researching and learning everything I could about how to earn money working from home, Allah placed some pretty wonderful people in my path to guide me.
It’s only right that I do the same. I try to provide lots of useful information free on the site and via social media.
Working at home has provided me the scheduling and financial flexibility that I need. I can care for my mother, take her to doctor appointments, grab lunch, and run errands. I can monitor my children, guide them, and spend quality time with them every day. 
My husband and I can coordinate our schedules to “play hooky” with a matinee movie or lunch date while the kids are at school. I can attend jummah without rushing back to the office. These are a few of the benefits I enjoy about working at home, and I want to help others achieve their work-at-home goals as well, insha’Allah.
So that’s my story. I’m sharing it with you so that you can see I am simply a woman with the responsibilities of home and family like so many of you. I had a vision for myself and set a goal to achieve it. I won’t lie to you – there’s a lot of work involved in the beginning; but if I can do it, you can too.
So, how can I help you?

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